Representation for Auto Accident Victims in Waterbury, CT


Every day, a car accident in Waterbury, Connecticut leaves a victim seriously – if not fatally – injured. Auto accidents happen on a daily basis, and unfortunately, the vast majority are the result of someone’s negligent actions. Speeding, distraction, improper lane changes, and intoxication are all factors that can contribute to a car crash and to the debilitating injuries of a victim, but we are here to help. The Law Offices of Thomas E. Porzio represents victims of auto accidents in The Greater Waterbury area and will help you obtain justice for your pain and suffering. Attorney Porzio and our personal injury team care about your needs and will do everything in our power to protect your right to compensation following a driver’s careless and wrongful actions on the road.

Our Experienced Car Accident Attorneys and Lawyers in Waterbury Are On Your Side

The aftermath of an auto accident can be extremely nerve wracking. Between trying to obtain information from the driver who caused the crash to fighting with insurance companies over benefits, things can get extremely overwhelming – especially if you suffered an injury. Personal injury lawyer Thomas E. Porzio is here to help you obtain the justice you deserve and will not rest until those responsible for your accident are held accountable for their negligence.

Attorney Porzio is on your side from the very moment you schedule your initial consultation. He is committed to your case and will protect your individual needs so a favorable outcome for your case can be secured. He will take care of all the lengthy paperwork, speak with insurance companies on your behalf, police officers, witnesses, and anyone involved in the accident.  Attorney Porzio will take your case to court if necessary to get you the money you deserve. Our goal is to protect your rights and to see to it that you won’t have anything to worry about throughout the entire duration of your case.

Turn to the Law Offices of Thomas E. Porzio today for assistance with car accidents caused by any of the following factors:

  • Speeding
  • Driver Inexperience
  • Distraction
  • Driver Intoxication (DUI)
  • Improper Lane Changes
  • Failure to Yield
  • Failure to Stop
  • Mechanical Failure


Auto Accidents

Car accidents can result in severe injuries for everyone involved, whether the victim was another driver, bicyclist or pedestrian. Injuries can include fractures, burns, brain damage, and even limb loss. Rehabilitation is almost always necessary after a serious collision, leading victims to not only suffer the costs of medical treatment, but also the cost of losing wages from missing work and expenses relating to property damage.

We know that auto accidents can lead to a lifetime of suffering, especially when you lose a loved one because of a driver’s negligent actions on the road, so we strive to recover the maximum settlement or court verdict possible that will not only cover your expenses, but will provide justice for the pain you experienced from your injuries and the trauma of losing a loved one.

Contact the Law Offices of Thomas E. Porzio today to schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your options. Our auto accident attorneys will provide you with the superior legal counsel you deserve so we can help you recover damages for your injuries and losses.

Work Related Injuries

Attorney Porzio has over 35 years experience in Connecticut successfully representing individuals injured in the work place.  He will make sure you immediately get the lost wages and medical benefits you need.  Attorney Porzio will protect you from employers and Worker’s Compensation insurance companies who try to deny your benefits and send you back to work before you are physically ready.  Attorney Porzio will attend all Informal and Formal Hearings in order to obtain all the benefits necessary to bring your case to a successful conclusion.